October 2019: Fabbrica Futuro

Fabbrica Futuro: Ideas and tools for Manufacturing Factories

During the Turin stage of the "Fabbrica Futuro" conference, Emilia Trento, Project Manager of Elbi International, interviewed by Edizioni ESTE, reiterated how human beings are still today at the center of production processes. The wealth of a company is in fact based on the skills and know-how of individuals and it is for this reason that the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 must be considered as a tool: these people, thank to the training and supporting during the course of digitalization of processes, can feel themselves involved and part of the change itself.

June 2018: HOME at Unito News

Unito News interview: HOME, the project for the factory of the future

Interviewed by Unito News Emilia Trento, Elbi International Program Manager, explained how the HOME - Hierarchical Open Manufacturing Europe - project - seeks to create an open system to allow even small and medium-sized enterprises to implement their inner resources using of modern technologies and without being bound to particular proprietary protocols.

As recalled during the interview, for the success of the project it's important to take care, in addition to the technological aspect, also the "human" one. In order for innovation to be positively implemented within factories, it's necessary to train people who will be responsible for managing manufacturing processes in the future: smart middle managers. In this regard, in collaboration with the University of Turin and the Polytechnic of Turin, a dedicated master has been enabled: HOMI 4.0 lasting 24 months. During this period we will try to provide new graduates with the necessary tools to deal daily manufacturing issues, according to lean and smart basics.

To verify the validity of the project, both from the technological point of view and from the point of view of wellness, we'll detecte at the Elbi International demonstrator the objective characteristics of the working environment (levels of brightness, humidity, noise ...) and how these are perceived by workers. Paying attention to the wellness of people involved in a production line allows laying the foundations for creating the factories of the future.