Globalisation is a contradictory process which is still in progress, it profoundly changed the way the work is internationally divided: Quantity Manufacturing migrated to Asia, while in Europe remained the Quality Manufacturing, of which Italy and Germany are European leaders.

But European Manufacturing, in order to keep this level of excellence, must deeply rethink its future, in other words it needs to become a Lean, Agile, Smart, Conscious and Sustainable Manufacturing.


For this reason we named our project HOME, which is the acronym of:

  • Hierarchical, it refers to the information systems architecture, as opposed to anarchic architectures where entities do not communicate with each others
  • Open, to free the factory from the Babel of proprietary protocols that prevent innovation transfer
  • Manufacturing Europe, because the project aspire to be a model for the entire European manufacturing industry. For the first time in history, we can consider ourselves as a single market of advanced consumers with more than 500 million people.